Evelyn Rose Soaps

How It All Started

It began as an experiment.

My oldest child developed eczema when she was only a couple of months old. We could have used topical steroid creams, but the risk of side effects resulting from long term usage was a little too scary for this mom. So I tried every natural baby/eczema product I could get my hands on. Unfortunately, not a single one of them worked. A few even made it worse!

Desperation led to research. Research soon led me to the conclusion that I needed to start making all of her soap, shampoo, lotion, butt balm, and any other skin product she needed. There was some trial and error, but before long, my little girl had the soft, healthy, radiant skin that every parent wants their baby to have. 

Now, I am proud to offer my soaps online, and I'm so happy you're here.  

Why Buy Natural Handmade Soap?

Because it's best most natural and gentle way to cleanse your skin.  

Most commercially made beauty bars, moisturizing bars, body bars, etc aren't soap. They're detergents--the same stuff you use to clean your clothes. Yuck! In addition to the detergents/synthetic cleaning and lathering agents, they also use synthetic scents, colorants, and preservatives. If this weren't enough to dry and irritate your skin, the big soap manufacturers also strip all of the glycerin from their bars to sell to cosmetic companies leaving their bars even more drying to the skin.  

Evelyn Rose Soaps are made using the cold process method which combines fats (veggie oils and butters), American made food grade lye (the most pure kind of lye possible), distilled water, and goat's milk to produce a gentle and mild bar of soap where all the naturally occurring glycerin is left intact. In addition, all of our bars are superfatted by at least 6% which means there is 6% more oil in the recipe than the lye can convert to soap. The left over oil helps to insure that the soap is never harsh the way that "old-fashioned" lye soaps were before we had modern soap calculators. Most of our soaps are also superfatted with either avocado oil or shea butter since they contain the highest amounts of unsaponifiables of any veggie oils which adds to the soaps gentleness. We never use any preservatives or any ingredients that contain preservatives in our soaps since natural bar soap doesn't need one.  

Evelyn Rose soap is completely biodegradable and doesn't use any synthetic or petroleum based ingredients.  

What Makes Evelyn Rose Soaps Special?

Most cold process soaps fall into one of two categories: soap that is pretty but made with unnatural ingredients like synthetic fragrance oils and artificial colorants like FD&C/coal tar dyes, or soap that is all-natural but rather plain. In the beginning, my soap fell into the latter category. But as my daughter grew and became more and more "girly", she began to ask me to make pretty soap.

I was determined to keep everything natural, so most of the common soap colorants on the market were off limits from the get-go. Furthermore, I had to exclude any ingredients that would irritate her skin. Nevertheless, I began to find beautiful mineral pigments and a few botanicals that were not only natural, but also gentle for sensitive skin. With a little help from my artistic husband, I learned how to mix colors effectively. Then I began "swirling" different colors together. Each batch was prettier than the last. My daughter was happy to have pretty soap, and I was happy to have found my own artistic medium! 

As a special note, I also use only micas that are free from both talc and bismuth oxychloride since these are potential irritants.  I also refrain from using micas that contain carmine.  Although I personally love the natural red color that carmine imparts, it's another ingredient that can be allergenic.

I also use natural scents for all of my products.  I originally started out using only natural essential oils for my soaps, but as the demand for natural scents has grown, many of my suppliers have started offering certified 100% natural fragrance oils.  These are a mix of essential oils, aromatic isolates of essential oils, and naturally occurring aromatic raw material like resins to mimic the scent of plants that do not contain essential oils. The addition of these certified natural fragrance oils means I can now offer natural versions of desirable scents like bubblegum, raspberry, pineapple, etc.

Who is Evelyn Rose?

She's the little girl with sensitive skin who started the whole thing! If not for her, we might still be using those harsh store-bought detergent bars. That's her silhouette in the logo on the banner at the top of the page. She's tall, smart and pretty, and her skin is beautiful, despite her eczema.